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Right Triangles and Trigonometry

Right Triangles and Trigonometry

At a Glance - Laws of the Land

Shmoop has a dream, a dream where all triangles can live in a place of peace and harmony together. Where triangles of all types can coexist, no matter their angle measurements or side lengths. Where every triangle will be free to explore the wonders of trigonometry, and all will be able to truly find themselves in this safe haven.

Thankfully, this dream is about to become reality. After all, just because some triangles are right doesn't mean that other ones are wrong. Trigonometry doesn't discriminate and neither should we. And so every triangle—great or small, obtuse or acute, isosceles or scalene—can enjoy the wonders of trigonometry.

To maintain order in our newfound triangle paradise, however, we should set a few ground rules. With these laws of the land in place, we'll be able to solve any triangle for any side length or angle measure. And it'll make sure those greedy right triangles don't hog all the trig.

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