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Law of Sines Exercises

Example 1

Find the value t of ∆TUV where ∠T = 54°, ∠U = 67°, and u = 14.

Example 2

Find the value of x.

Example 3

Find the value of x.

Example 4

Will, Bill, and Steve are playing baseball. Will, the pitcher, stands 60.5 ft away from Bill at home plate and 50 ft away from first base, where Steve is tying his shoe. If home plate is the vertex of a 44° angle between first base and the pitcher's mound, how far away are Bill and Steve, approximately?

Example 5

A spaceship has traveled some distance away from its home planet, Zargon, along a straight path. Alluron, a nearby star, is behind the spaceship at an angle of 32°. Zargon is the vertex of a 73° angle between Alluron and the spaceship, and Zargon and Alluron are known to be 25 million light-years away from each other. How far has the spaceship traveled, in light-years?

Example 6

The roof of a house makes an isosceles triangle with a vertex of 50°. If each side of the roof is 18 feet long, how wide is the house?