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Robinson Crusoe

Robinson Crusoe


by Daniel Defoe

Robinson Crusoe Family Quotes

How we cite our quotes: (Page Number). We used the 2008 Oxford World Classics edition.

Quote #7

When Friday came to him, I bad him speak to him, and tell him of his Deliverance, and pulling out my Bottle, made him give the poor Wretch a Dram, which, with the News of his being deliver'd, reviv'd him, and he sat up in the Boat; but when Friday came to hear him speak, and look in his Face, it would have mov'd any one to Tears, to have seen how Friday kiss'd him, embrac'd him, hugg'd him, cry'd, laugh'd, hollow'd, jump'd about, danc'd, sung, then cry'd again, wrung his Hands, beat his own Face, and Head, and then sung, and jump'd about again, like a distracted Creature: It was a good while before I could make him speak to me, or tell me what was the Matter, but when he came a little to himself, he told me, that it was his Father. (200)

We meet Friday's father, who soon becomes part of Crusoe's family. But how has Friday's own family changed now?

Quote #8

He had been with us now about a Month; during which time, I had let him see in what Manner I had provided, with the Assistance of Providence, for my Support; and he saw evidently what Stock of Corn and Rice I had laid up; which as it was more than sufficient for my self, so it was not sufficient, at least without good Husbandry, for my Family; now it was encreas'd to Number four: (207)

Crusoe's family grows and soon includes Crusoe, Friday, Friday's father, and the Spaniard.

Quote #9

I went down afterwards into Yorkshire; but my Father was dead, and my Mother, and all the Family extinct, except that I found two Sisters, and two of the Children of one of my Brothers; and as I had been long ago given over for dead, there had been no Provision made for me; (234)

Crusoe finds himself the last of his line.

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