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Robinson Crusoe

Robinson Crusoe


by Daniel Defoe

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Robinson Crusoe Quotes

Find the perfect quote to float your boat. Shmoop breaks down key quotations from Robinson Crusoe.

Religion Quotes

…I consulted neither Father or Mother any more, nor so much as sent them Word of it; but leaving them to hear of it as they might, without asking God's Blessing, or my Father's, without any Consi...

Wealth Quotes

He told me, I might judge of the Happiness of this State, by the one thing, viz. That this was the State of Life which all other People envied, that Kings have frequently lamented the miserable Con...

Society and Class Quotes

He told me it was for men of desperate Fortunes on one Hand, or of aspiring, superior Fortunes on the other, who went abroad upon Adventures, to rise by Enterprize, and make themselves famous in Un...

Man and the Natural World Quotes

By this time it blew a terrible Storm indeed, and now I began to see Terror and Amazement in the Faces even of the Seamen themselves. The master, tho' vigilant to the Business of preserving the Shi...

Rules and Order Quotes

Evil.I am cast upon a horrible desolate Island, void of all hope of Recovery.Good.But I am alive, and not drown'd as all my Ship'd Company was.

Family Quotes

My Father, a wise and grave Man, gave me serious and excellent Counsel against what he foresaw was my Design. He call'd me one Morning into his Chamber, where he was confined by the Gout, and expos...

Foreignness and 'the Other' Quotes

By the best of my Calculation, that Place where I now was, must be that Country, which lying between the Emperor of Morocco's Dominions and the Negro's, lies wast and uninhabited, except by wild Be...

Slavery Quotes

The Usage I had there was not so dreadful as at first I apprehended, nor was I carried up the Country to the Emperor's Court, as the rest of our Men were, but was kept by the Captain of the Rover,...

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