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Robinson Crusoe
Robinson Crusoe
by Daniel Defoe

Robinson Crusoe Reading Quizzes

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Sample of Reading Quizzes

Before the Island


1. What country was Crusoe's father born in?
2. What profession does Crusoe's father want him to take up?
3. What "station" does Crusoe's father say he is in: low, middle, or high?
4. Where on the ship does Crusoe stay during most of the storm?
5. What country do Crusoe and his crewmates find refuge in when the ship floods?
6. Crusoe gets on a new ship bound for where?
7. Who dies once the ship arrives?
8. Crusoe is taken slave by pirates of what nationality?
9. How long is Crusoe a slave?
10. Who is Xury?
11. Crusoe and Xury go ashore for water and encounter what kind of beasts?
12. They board a Portuguese ship headed where?
13. The Portuguese captain "buys" Xury but promises to free him in 10 years under what condition?
14. What does Crusoe decide to become when he reaches Brazil?
15. What is the name of Crusoe's Portuguese neighbor?
16. How long does Crusoe stay in Brazil?
17. Crusoe agrees to engage in the trade of what?


1. Germany
2. Law
3. Middle
4. His cabin
5. England
6. Guiana
7. The captain
8. Turkish
9. Two years
10. The Moorish boy Crusoe escapes with
11. Lions and leopards
12. Brazil
13. That he become Christian
14. A planter
15. Wells
16. Four years
17. Slaves