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Robinson Crusoe

Robinson Crusoe


by Daniel Defoe

Robinson Crusoe Religion Quotes

How we cite our quotes: (Page Number). We used the 2008 Oxford World Classics edition.

Quote #10

During the long Time that Friday has now been with Me, and that he began to speak to me, and understand me, I was not wanting to lay a Foundation of religious Knowledge in his Mind; particularly I ask'd him one Time who made him? (182)

Crusoe renames Friday, teaches him English, and then converts him to Christianity. Crusoe tells us that this becomes a way for Crusoe, as teacher, to better understand religion (185). The two engage in various theological debates. What is the effect, though, on Friday?

Quote #11

It was remarkable too, we had but three Subjects, and they were of three different Religions. My Man Friday was a Protestant, his Father was a Pagan and a Cannibal, and the Spaniard was a Papist: However, I allow'd Liberty of Conscience throughout my Dominions: But this is by the Way. (203)

Note that, though he urges Friday to convert to Christianity, Crusoe allows different religions to exist on the society of the island.

Quote #12

I might well say, now indeed, the latter End of Job was better than the Beginning. It is impossible to express here the Flutterings of my very Heart, when I look'd over these Letters, and especially when I found all my Wealth about me; for as the Brasil Ships come all in Fleets, the same Ships which brought my Letters, brought my Goods; and the Effects were safe in the River before the Letters came to my Hand. (239)

Crusoe compares himself to Job, a character from the Old Testament of the Bible. Job suffered relentlessly (plagues, loss of fortune, and all that), but he never lost his faith in God. Crusoe sees himself as a Job of sorts too, but one here who is rewarded with great wealth upon his return from the island.

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