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The Balcony

Symbol Analysis

Like the color green, and the girl, the balcony is used as a symbol of desire in "Romance Sonambulo." We're reminded of that scene in Romeo and Juliet when Juliet comes to the balcony and Romeo shouts up to her. It's a famous scene, and the way it relates here is that, in both cases, the balcony separates the lovers. It prevents fulfillment by keeping them apart. Stupid balcony, always getting in the way of love and desire and such.

  • Line 22: We learn that the girl is "still" up on her balcony, which suggests that she's been there, apart from our speaker, for some time.
  • Line 50: The balcony has grown in number (it's now balconies) and in color ("green balconies"). The green balconies are the places to be for our speaker. He longs to climb up to them to fulfill his desire.
  • Line 54: Finally it seems like the climb up to these balconies might finally lead to the speaker attaining his desire.
  • Line 72: Not so fast. The girl will always wait for our speaker, high up on her balcony. That's a good news/bad news scenario. On the one hand, she'll always be there. On the other, this stinkin' balcony will always separate them.

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