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Romance Sonambulo

Romance Sonambulo


by Federico Garcia Lorca

Romance Sonambulo Disappointment Quotes

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Quote #1

all things are watching her
and she cannot see them. (11-12)

Sorry there, "all things" in the world. It looks like you might be kind of hung up on that green girl up there on her balcony, but, well, she can't see you. Better luck next time. At least the speaker is not alone in his unrequited affections. Do you think that makes him feel better, though?

Quote #2

But who will come? And from where?
She is still on her balcony (21-22)

You know, we're beginning to wonder about that green gypsy girl. She spends an awful amount of time up there on her balcony, just disappointing folks like our poor speaker who, while he knows she's up there, just can't reach her.

Quote #3

--If it were possible, my boy,
I'd help you fix that trade.
But now I am not I,
nor is my house now my house. (31-34)

Well, there's disappointment all around here. First up to be disappointed: our speaker. That trade he was trying to get his friend to help him work? Yeah, that's not gonna happen. Sorry about that. The friend's got a good reason, though. He's not himself. No, really. He is not the person who he thought he was, and his house is not the same house either. To say the least, this is a disappointment, but for the friend, this kind of estrangement is probably far more intense than that.

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