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Romance Sonambulo
Romance Sonambulo
by Federico Garcia Lorca

Romance Sonambulo Lust Quotes Page 2

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Quote #4

Let me climb up! Let me,
up to the green balconies. (49-50)

We don't usually associate a climbing trip with lust, but here we see the speaker's desire once again. It seems important that his desire is involved with climbing, as if this kind of feeling is a way to ascend. In other words, as a result of this desire, the speaker's reality is increasing. Think about that for a second. How do you feel when you really, really want something? Is it perhaps this kind of positive, intense feeling?

Quote #5

The night became intimate
like a little plaza. (79-80)

Here the speaker has almost, almost climbed up to meet the gypsy girl. He's almost reached her balcony. We can practically see his fingertips brushing against the railings. It seems that the moment of his fulfillment is at hand, and the rest of the world seems to fall away as a result. Sadly, though, his desire is not to be fulfilled. Stupid, drunken police!

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