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Romance Sonambulo

Romance Sonambulo


by Federico Garcia Lorca

Romance Sonambulo Resources


Lorca Central

Here's a comprehensive site, dedicated to Lorca and his work. It's even got a list of films about him. Sweeeet.


Here's a pretty thorough biography of Lorca, as well as some suggestions for further reading. Thanks Helpy Helperton.

The Rundown

For all your Lorca basics, check out what Poets.org has to say.

Poetry Foundation

Here's a more in depth take on your new favorite man-o-verse. Plus a few poems for your pleasure.


Flamenco "Romance" I

Here's a flamenco-style rendition of the poem. We're betting the Lorca would approve.

Flamenco "Romance" II

This version seems to be roughly… 37% cheesier than the first one.

One-Woman Show

This is a very… uh, dramatic presentation of the poem by an actress. Yeah, dramatic's the word we're going with.


Jorge Mistral

Hear Spanish actor Mistral read the poem—the way it was meant to be heard.

Another Reading

This reading has all the intensity of Gary Oldman. Come to think of it, why hasn't Gary Oldman performed this poem?

Leonard Cohen

Now this is cool audio: Leonard Cohen in concert, giving props to Lorca, before the audio cuts to a Lorca-inspired song of his, "Take this Waltz."


Federico García Lorca

Here he is, looking thoughtful and a bit cocky, if we may say so.

Lorca and Dalí

Two surrealists, out for a stroll.

Articles and Interviews

"Deconstructing Narrative"

Here's a really thorough, if a bit academic, discussion of "Romance Sonambulo." Be sure to bust out the thinking cap for this one.

"Final Hours"

This article in The Guardian says that a historian may have figured out what happened to Lorca after all, because closure's always nice.

Lorca a Yankees Fan?

Check out this New York Times piece about Lorca's time in the Big Apple.


Romancero Gitano

Here's the collection that "Romance Sonambulo" first appeared in, in 1928.

Three Plays

Lorca was also a playwright. This book collects his most famous theatrical work.

Poet in New York

Check out Lorca's New York poems, inspired in part by his visits to Harlem.

Movies & TV

Death in Granada

This 1996 film about Lorca's death stars the man: Edward James Olmos.

Little Ashes

Robert "Twilight" Pattinson as Salvador Dalí? Yes, Robert "Twilight" Pattinson as Salvador Dalí.

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