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Romance Sonambulo

Romance Sonambulo


by Federico Garcia Lorca

Romance Sonambulo Versions of Reality Quotes

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Quote #1

With the shade around her waist
she dreams on her balcony (5-6)

This description of shadow as a belt strikes us as a bit strange. Shade is not really good for holding up one's pants, or so we've been told… Maybe this description suggests that there is a dark element to the gypsy girl. Perhaps there's a part of her that will always remain hidden.

Quote #2

Under the gypsy moon,
all things are watching her
and she cannot see them. (10-12)

What would it be like to have "all things" on Earth watching you? Let's ask Ryan Gosling. We bet it'd be disconcerting. Still, it doesn't seem to be a problem for our gypsy girl, since she can't see them anyway. In these twists of logic, the lines seem designed to highlight both the girl's desirability and her remoteness.

Quote #3

Big hoarfrost stars
come with the fish of shadow
that opens the road of dawn. (14-16)

This fish of shadow sounds ominous, but it seems to have an important job: it brings on the dawn. If you've ever seen a pre-dawn sky, you'll know that, as the sun ascends, the sky changes from solid black to lighter and darker shades. Perhaps some deeper patch of darkness seems to suggest a fish of shadow, moving in the sky just before the sun emerges.

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