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Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet

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Romeo and Juliet Gender Quotes

How we cite our quotes:

Quote #1

SAMPSONTrue; and therefore women, being the weaker vessels, are ever thrust to the wall: therefore I will push Montague's men from the wall, and thrust his maids to the wall.GREGORY The quarrel is between our masters and us their men.SAMPSON 'Tis all one, I will show myself a tyrant: when I have fought with the men, I will be cruel with the maids, and cut off their heads.GREGORY The heads of the maids?SAMPSON Ay, the heads of the maids, or their maidenheads, take it in what sense thou wilt(1.1.6)

You know what's really manly? Rape and murder. Trust a bunch of hotheaded servants to define masculinity in a really brutal, antisocial way, right?

Quote #2

SAMPSON My naked weapon is out: quarrel, I will back thee. (1.1.10)

Physical violence is equated with forceful sexuality, and both are proof of manliness.

Quote #3

GREGORY I will frown as I pass by, and let them take it asthey list.SAMPSON Nay, as they dare. I will bite my thumb at them;which is a disgrace to them, if they bear it.(1.1.12)

Oh no he did not: this is basically the equivalent of flipping someone the bird while sticking out your tongue. So, the Capulets are being insulting and childish all at the same time—but if the Montagues don't get offended (if they "bear" it), then they're the ones who'll be disgraced. Seems a little backward to us.

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