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Lady Capulet Timeline and Summary

  • 1.1: Lord Capulet calls for a sword so he can take part in the fight that's going down on the street between the Montagues and Capulets. Lady Capulet holds him back. "A crutch, a crutch – why call you for a sword?" she tells him, reminding him he's too old to fight.
  • 1.2: Lady Capulet may be on stage so Lord Capulet can gesture to her on his line, "Too soon marred are those so early made," which clearly references her (1.2.13). In retrospect, Lord Capulet seems to think that marrying her when she was so young was a bad idea.
  • 1.3: Lady Capulet wants to tell her daughter the exciting news: Juliet has received her first proposal of marriage! Unfortunately, the Nurse is chattering on. Finally, Lady Capulet gets the Nurse to shut up so she can tell Juliet all about handsome, eligible Paris.
  • 1.5: Lady Capulet has no lines at the party, but she is there as the hostess.
  • 3.1: Lady Capulet enters with the rest of Verona's citizens to find Tybalt dead. Her grief at his death is the loudest and most furious. She argues that Benvolio's account of the fight must be biased, since Benvolio is related to the Montagues. Then she demands that Romeo die as punishment for killing Tybalt.
  • 3.4: When Lord Capulet decides that Juliet will marry Paris immediately, Lady Capulet promises to tell her daughter the news early the next morning.
  • 3.5: Coming in on Juliet just after Romeo has left, Lady Capulet finds her daughter weeping yet again. She assumes Juliet is still grieving for Tybalt, and tells her that too much mourning is foolish. Then she promises her daughter that they will have vengeance on Tybalt's killer, Romeo. This does not help the weeping. Lady Capulet suggests they could find someone to poison Romeo in Mantua. Juliet's replies to all of these suggestions are loaded with double-meanings that reveal her love for Romeo, but Lady Capulet misses the subtext. In hopes of cheering her daughter up, Lady Capulet shares the joyful news: Juliet will marry Paris later that week! This, too, does not help the weeping. Juliet furiously swears that she would rather marry Romeo, her cousin's killer, than Paris. Surprised at this behavior, Lady Capulet tells Juliet, "Wait 'till your father hears this!" Lord Capulet becomes so enraged at Juliet's refusal that Lady Capulet eventually tries to calm him down. After Lord Capulet tells Juliet she can either marry Paris or be thrown out of the house, Juliet begs her mother to help her delay the wedding. Lady Capulet refuses coldly.
  • 4.2: When Juliet comes back seemingly repentant from her visit to Friar Laurence, Lord Capulet decides he wants her to marry Paris the very next day. Lady Capulet argues that they won't have time to prepare, but her husband overrules her.
  • 4.3: Lady Capulet comes in to ask her daughter if she needs any help preparing for her wedding day. Juliet says she's all set and asks to be left alone.
  • 4.4: Lord and Lady Capulet tease each other happily as they prepare for their daughter's wedding.
  • 4.5: The Nurse tries to wake Juliet and discovers that she is "dead." Lady Capulet calls for help to revive her daughter, but it's too late. She, the Nurse, her husband, and Paris grieve around Juliet's "corpse."
  • 5.3: Lady Capulet hears the rumors in the streets about strange happenings at the Capulet family tomb, and arrives to find her daughter, newly dead, lying beside a Montague. The Friar's tomb-side confession reveals that Juliet's parents had no idea what was going on with their daughter. The discovery of Juliet's star-crossed-love with the son of his enemy convinces Lady Capulet's husband to end the feud with the Montagues.