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A Room with a View

A Room with a View


by E.M. Forster

Analysis: Genre

Comedy, Romance, Coming-of-Age

It doesn’t take a genius to put together the first two genres listed above and come up with “Romantic Comedy.” Sure, this isn’t exactly When Harry Met Sally, but it’s kind of the turn of the century equivalent of it. Think about it – we have the classic set up that most movies of that genre follow: girl meets boy, society/family/other fiancé intervene, all is lost, then the happy couple is reunited. Simple. The great thing about A Room with a View is that it also manages to pack in brilliant social satire, gorgeous description, and some serious talk about love underneath the froth of its love plot. Speaking of serious talk, it’s also a classic Coming of Age story; we see Lucy transform from a naïve and inexperienced child to a slightly older, much smarter young woman with a real understanding of herself and her desires.

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