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A Room with a View

A Room with a View


by E.M. Forster

Mr. Emerson Timeline and Summary

  • Mr. Emerson overhears Lucy and Charlotte complaining about their rooms, and offers to trade his and George’s, which have great views, for theirs. Charlotte is offended by this kind offer.
  • Mr. Beebe intervenes; he works out the room-switch arrangements between the ladies and the gentlemen, and the swap is eventually accomplished.
  • Mr. Emerson, accompanied by George, runs into Lucy in Santa Croce. Learning that Miss Lavish has deserted the young lady, they adopt her for the day. Mr. Emerson makes some very blunt comments about the unrealistic nature of Giotto’s artwork, which offends a church tour group led by Rev. Eager. Mr. Emerson rushes off to apologize, but is snubbed.
  • When he returns, Mr. Emerson tries to convince Lucy to start some kind of relationship with George, who he’s worried about. Lucy feebly suggests that George should find a hobby instead.
  • Mr. Eager makes the ridiculous-sounding accusation that Mr. Emerson killed his wife in the sight of God.
  • On the drive to the hills, Mr. Emerson argues on behalf of the frisky carriage driver and his girlfriend, saying that the tourists shouldn’t break up two people who are happy with each other.
  • On the way back to Florence, Mr. Emerson is distraught – George has gone off by himself to walk home, and Mr. Emerson is worried that he may be killed in the storm.
  • After meeting Cecil in London, the Emersons move into Cissie Villa in Summer Street. Mr. Emerson is in declining health because of his rheumatism, and they move to the country so he can mend.
  • Miss Lavish runs into Mr. Emerson while visiting the area, and informs Charlotte.
  • Mr. Emerson has a couple of friendly run-ins with Freddy, then Lucy and Mrs. Honeychurch.
  • The Emersons decide to give up Cissie in the aftermath of George’s confrontation with Lucy.
  • Just before moving out, Mr. Emerson runs into Lucy at the rectory. They have a heart to heart, in which he tells her about his deceased wife, who worried herself sick about George’s unbaptized state when he was ill as a child (it turns out that this was what Mr. Eager alluded to as the “murder” of his wife). He insists that Lucy look deep into her soul and see what she really feels – this conversation gives her the strength to marry George.