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A Room with a View

A Room with a View


by E.M. Forster

Reverend Arthur Beebe Timeline and Summary

  • Mr. Beebe sorts out the room-swap difficulties between the ladies and the gentlemen. His diplomatic nature is evident from the beginning.
  • Watching Lucy play, Mr. Beebe reflects upon the difference between her music and her life – he makes us wonder what else is in store for Lucy.
  • Observing the way in which the other guests snub the Emersons completely, Mr. Beebe resolves to give them at least one pleasant day before they all leave Italy.
  • On the day of the outing to the hills, Mr. Beebe ends up losing everyone and having to eat the contents of his picnic basket alone.
  • Upon his return from Italy, Mr. Beebe is installed at the parish of Summer Street. He quickly befriends Freddy and Mrs. Honeychurch. He continues to observe Lucy’s behavior with interest.
  • Mr. Beebe shares some of his observations of Lucy with Cecil; he is disappointed when he hears that they’re engaged.
  • We learn that Mr. Beebe has a mother and small niece, Minnie, but we don’t really learn anything else about his family life.
  • Mr. Beebe brings news of the Miss Alans’ trip to Greece – Lucy immediately states her desire to go.
  • Charlotte convinces Mr. Beebe, who is bewildered by the minds of ladies, that Lucy should go. Mr. Beebe is secretly pleased that the Lucy-Cecil engagement is broken off; he believes that she should remain unmarried.
  • Upon learning that Lucy is in love with George, Mr. Beebe sternly tells Lucy that she should marry him, as he “will do admirably.” However, he immediately “loses interest” in the young couple.