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by Rita Dove

Rosa Resources


The Mother Load!

This University of Virginia has great basic biographical information on Dove and tons of outside multimedia links.

Too Many Trophies for the Trophy Room

The Poetry Foundation gives a comprehensive list of all of Dove's written works, in all genres, over the years, and the list is looong. It also includes some further reading suggestions for any would-be Rita Dove scholars out there. Dig in.


Old School Steez (Try not to Laugh)

Here's a '90s vid of an interview with Rita Dove talking about her most recent book (at the time), On the Bus with Rosa Parks.

Dove at the White House

Dove pays a house call to Obama as a part of a reading to celebrate poetry.


Why Read When You Can Listen?

Listen to Rita Dove read "Rosa"—perfectly (if we may say so).

What's Good, According to Dove

Here's a podcast of the Leonard Lopate show. They discuss Rita Dove's anthology of what she considers the best 20th century American poetry. And if anyone would know what's good, it's this former Poet Laureate.


Rita Dove in a Shoe

No, we're not kidding and we don't know why.

'90s Hair, Don't Care

Here's a snap from Dove in the '90s. The internet never lets us forget.

A Normal Shot

Here's Dove looking normal and professional—no jokes this time. (And we only kid because we love.)

Articles and Interviews

Fight! Fight! Fight!

Helen Vendler (one of contemporary poetry's most famous critics) wrote a scathing review of Dove's The Penguin Anthology of Twentieth-Century American Poetry and this is Dove's response.

Fight! Fight! Fight! (Part 2)

Rita Dove writes a letter to the editors of Poetry magazine, criticizing their review of Garrison Keillor's Good Poems. (This one's a little less scathing.)

Famous Across the Pond, Too

Here's Dove in an interview with M. Wynn Thomas on her term as Poet Laureate of the U.S.


Get on the Bus

Read On the Bus with Rosa Parks, the 1999 collection where "Rosa" first appeared.

Variety Pack

If you're looking for a broader range of Dove's work, check out Selected Poems, but be aware that this only covers up to 1993.


Rita Dove edited The Penguin Anthology of Twentieth-Century American Poetry and it got a lot of attention (good and bad). Take a look for yourself and see whose corner you'd like to stand in.

Movies & TV

Even Obama Thinks She's Awesome

Bill Moyers interviews Dove to talk about a whole slew of things—history, language, responsibility, and more—shortly after she received the National Medal of Arts.

Video Excerpts (For Those of You with Shorter Attention Spans)

PBS gives a few video excerpts from interviews with Rita Dove. They touch on everything from poetry to ballroom dancing.

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