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A Route of Evanescence

A Route of Evanescence


by Emily Dickinson

A Route of Evanescence Resources


Not a Total Recluse

This short New York Times article discusses the one place Dickinson went, even in her reclusive days. So there, everybody.

Dickinson's Dictionary

This is super-sweet: a searchable database of all the strange words Dickinson used in her poems.

Dickinson Trivia

Test your Dickinson knowledge (and indulge your inner teacher's pet) with this fun quiz.


Hummingbird in Flight

Check out slow-motion footage of a hummingbird. Awesome stuff.

Dickinson Wasn't the Only One

One scientist in this PBS documentary calls hummingbirds among "the most elite athletes of the animal world."


Hear Your Favorites

Actress and Dickinson fan Julie Harris reads from Dickinson's letters and poems.


Red-Throated Hummingbird

Check one out in all its be-jeweled glory.

Emily Dickinson's Flowers

Stop and smell the poems. Here's a slide-show from a recent exhibit on Dickinson's flower poems at the New York Botanical Garden.

Historical Documents

Original Draft of the Poem

In this letter we see the original draft of "A Route of Evanescence." This is basically how we know the poem is about a hummingbird!

More of Dickinson's Handwriting

Here's her written version of "I Heard a Fly Buzz."


My Emily Dickinson

Check out contemporary poet Susan Howe's book on what Dickinson means to her.

Dickinson, Collected

Get all of her poems right here.

Movies & TV

Loaded Gun: Life, and Death, and Dickinson

This is filmmaker Jim Wolpow's strange documentary on the poetess.

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