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The Police: Official Site

Where you can find everything you ever wanted to know about the band.

Sting's Homepage

"I value all of my experiences and maybe particularly the sad experiences because they've fed my muse. The songs are written to move people, and the greatest compliment anyone can pay one of my songs is that it made them cry. And I've done that for myself on a number of occasions. It's lovely feeling; it's good to cry, it does you a world of good." - Sting

A Police Fan Site

Where your adoration of The Police can be shared with thousands of other fans.

Sting Interview

Sting talks very openly about his memoir, including such content as feeling like an outsider, his fascination with tantric sex, and the music industry.

Andy Summers Interview

"Not many people write words that are worth listening to in rock music. They're garbage, most lyrics. I'm more interested in creating beautiful lines."

1979 Interview with Andy Summers

One of the first interviews with a member of the band after they hit it big.

Stewart Copeland Interview

In 2008, journalists get the drummer to reflect on the band's reunion tour.

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