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The Book of Ruth

The Book of Ruth

The Book of Ruth Resources


The Ruth Institute

This group, created by the National Organization for Marriage, takes its name from the Book of Ruth. Their motto is "One Man, One Woman for Life." But when that one man dies, try to quickly find another. Preferably a close male relative, who will purchase you along with some land. Okay?

Movie or TV Productions

The Story of Ruth

This 1960 movie is loosely based on Ruth's tale. Aside from a pretty awesome love story, it also features "heathen idolatry and the splendor of pagan courts!" Oh, just watch the trailer.

Jacob's Ladder

Ruth, Naomi, and Boaz appear in an episode of this TV show about kids who are transported back to biblical times. It's like Bill and Ted, but with a whole lot more sandals.

The Book of Ruth: Journey of Faith

This 2009 movie is all about love, tolerance, acceptance… oh, and Ruth, of course.

Historical Documents


The New Revised Standard Version of the Book of Ruth. Read, enjoy, and interpret away.


The Book of Ruth Meets The Office

What if Ruth's story took place at Dunder-Mifflin? It's a bit low budget, but we give them props for a cool idea.

Righteous Ruth Rap

Liz Cutis Higgs finishes her sermon on the Book of Ruth with a super cool rap. Super, super cool.

The Book of Ruth

Check out a complete reading of the Book of Ruth, along with helpful (and humorous) illustrations. Also banjos.


Torah Gems: The Book of Ruth

Here's an interesting lecture on Ruth if you're looking for a Jewish perspective.


Oh, the Biblical Places You'll Go

This map of the Middle East shows Judah and Moab for all you budding geography buffs.

Fun with Word Clouds

Check out this word cloud of the Book of Ruth. Wow, that Ruth sure does get mentioned a lot.

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