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Quote #4

BLUEBEARD: "Not content with being Pope Joan, you must be Caesar and Alexander as well." (5.78)

Bluebeard cleverly accuses Joan of pride by comparing her to two of history's most famous conquerors, but does she think of herself this way?

Quote #5

THE ARCHBISHOP: "Pride will have a fall, Joan."

JOAN: "Oh, never mind whether it is pride or not: is it true? is it commonsense?" (5.79-5.80)

Good point, Joan. We might also question whether a decision based in commonsense is prideful at all. If it makes sense, it makes sense, right?

Quote #6

THE ARCHBISHOP: "The voice of God on earth is the voice of the Church Militant; and all the voices that come to you are the echoes of your own wilfulness." (5.98)

Is it Joan's supposed pride that bothers the Archbishop or the fact that she's circumventing the Church to talk to God herself?

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