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Saint Joan

Saint Joan


by George Bernard Shaw

Saint Joan Resources

Movie or TV Productions

Saint Joan (1927)

This is a five minute version of the cathedral scene.

Saint Joan (1957)

This version was adapted for film by the famous writer Graham Greene.


Shaw and Einstein
Check it out – two geniuses in the same room.


Shaw Interview, 1937
Shaw shares some wisdom with the BBC.


Historical Paintings
Here are lots of different depictions of Joan.


A Catholic Biography

Check out the Catholic version of Joan's life.

Saint Joan: Full Text

Here's the entire text of Shaw's play for free. It includes his amazing preface.

Transcripts of Joan's Trial

These are the transcripts of Joan's actual trial straight from the 1400s.


St. Joan Center

Here's a website dedicated to everything Joan.

Medieval History

This site provides some good historical background.

Hundred Years War

This site provides a good overview of the Hundred Years War.

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