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Saint Joan

Saint Joan


George Bernard Shaw

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Saint Joan Society and Class Quotes

How we cite our quotes:

Quote #7

THE CHAPLAIN: "I know that there is no faith in a Frenchman."
THE ASSESSORS: "Who is he? Is this what English Churchmen are like?"

Even among the clergy, Nationalism creates societal divisions.

Quote #8

LADVENU: "Henceforth my path will not lie through palaces, nor my conversation be with kings." (E.25)

Ladvenu wants to separate himself from the upper class because he sees them as inherently corrupt.

Quote #9

CHARLES: "What is hell like?"
THE SOLDIER: "Jolly. […] Tip top company too: emperors and popes and kings and all sorts." (E.97-E.98)

In the world of the play, no one is above hell. There, all class distinctions are erased.

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