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Saint Joan

Saint Joan


by George Bernard Shaw

Saint Joan Society and Class Quotes

How we cite our quotes: Citations follow this format: (Scene.Line). Every time a character talks counts as one line, even if what they say turns into a long monologue.

Quote #1

JOAN: "Captain: you are to give me a horse and armor and some soldiers, and send me to the Dauphin." (1.50)

By ordering her "better" around, Joan's defying the submissive role that society has trapped her in.

Quote #2

JOAN: "Then your [Dunois's] older and wiser heads are fatheads: they have made a fool of you." (3.33)

Joan in general has no respect for someone just because society says they're supposed to be in charge. She judges people on their individual merit.

Quote #3

THE CHAPLAIN: "Your lordship knows very well that I am not attached to the soil in a vulgar manner, like a serf." (4.13)

Being connected with farm work is a sign that you're as low class as it gets.

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