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Saint Joan

Saint Joan

by George Bernard Shaw
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Saint Joan Warfare Quotes

How we cite our quotes:

Quote #1

JOAN: "Our soldiers are always beaten because they are fighting only to save their skins; […] it is not kill or be killed with them, but pay or be paid." (1.165)

Joan completely revolutionized the idea of warfare with this sort of thinking. She inspired soldiers to sacrifice their lives for something they actually believed in.

Quote #2

JOAN: "Thou must fight, Charlie, whether thou will or no." (2.163)

To Joan, war and violence is the only option to put France aright.

Quote #3

DUNOIS: "If you [JOAN] delivered me from fear I should be a good knight for a story book, but a very bad commander of the army." (3.38)

It's interesting that Dunois values fear in war. Is Joan too young to understand the necessity of caution?

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