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Samson Agonistes

Samson Agonistes


by John Milton

Samson Agonistes Guilt and Blame Quotes

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Quote #1

SAMSON: Let me not rashly call in doubt Divine Prediction; what if all foretold had been fulfilled but through mine own default, whom have I to complain of but my self? (44-46).

Nice save, Samson. You almost blamed God there. Wonder how that would have gone over? Remember: when you point a finger, there are four pointing back at you.

Quote #2

SAMSON: [Dalila] was not the prime cause, but I my self (234)

A nice example of Samson blaming himself instead of others. Are we supposed to agree? Can we blame Dalila at all, or is she just a victim like everyone else.

Quote #3

SAMSON: That fault I take not on me, but transfer on Israel's governors, and heads of tribes... (241-242)

Scratch that: Samson is blaming other people, instead. Notice how he uses the word "transfer"—he seems to think of "fault" as something that's tangible and movable. It exists, and someone has to have it.

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