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Samson Agonistes

Samson Agonistes


by John Milton

Samson Agonistes The Chorus and Manoa (1441—1508) Summary

  • But suddenly, they see Manoa, Samson's father, heading toward them in hurry. They notice that he seems to be in a good mood and excited to see Samson—maybe he's bringing good news! Well, okay, probably not.
  • Manoa says he's come here in a hurry not to see Samson forced to participate in this shameful spectacle, but because he thinks he's found a way to procure Samson's freedom.Hooray! Details, please?
  • Manoa explains that he's been to see each and every Philistine leader—at home, at work, at the shopping mall, wherever—begging with all kinds of fatherly sadness for them to accept a ransom for his son.
  • Some of the leaders were totally mean and vindictive. (These were also the leaders who were the most devoted to worshipping Dagon, duh.) Some others had a more moderate take on things, but were also just trying to find an angle for their own gain (which Manoa can't afford). Finally, though, he found some reasonable people who did feel that Philistine revenge had gone far enough. They thought that a reasonable ransom would be a good idea. But, whoa now, what was that loud noise?
  • The Chorus thinks that it's probably the sound of the Philistine crowd at suddenly seeing Samson.
  • Manoa says that he will definitely pay Samson's ransom even if it costs him all his savings. He'd rather be the poorest person in Israel than be rich knowing his own son was still in prison. And he's not leaving without Samson.
  • The Chorus remarks that fathers often give up everything for their sons and take care of them and that even though it's typical for sons to then later care for their fathers, Samson won't be able to.Because he's blind. In case you missed that.
  • Manoa responds that he'll be more than happy to look after Samson once he's home and surrounded by honors for all of his past bravery, including his special hair. He's convinced that God still has big plans for Samson.
  • The Chorus basically agrees. Since they're Samson's relatives too, they are also glad to think of Samson safe and sound.

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