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Samson Agonistes

Samson Agonistes


by John Milton

Samson Agonistes Religion Quotes

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Quote #1

SAMSON: This day a solemn feast the people hold to Dagon thir Sea-Idol, and forbid laborious works, unwillingly this rest their superstition yields me (12-15)

Even though Samson is relieved to have a rest, he makes it very clear that he distinguishes himself completely from their "superstitious" religion. Sure, he'll take a break if they make him—but he's not going to like it.

Quote #2

SAMSON: Promise was that I should Israel from Philistian yoke deliver (38-39)

Samson's divine promise is also connected to a military war between Israel and Philistine, a war that is itself about the different religious beliefs of each. But how much is this really about religious belief, and how much is it actually just about, oh, land? or power? or money?

Quote #3

CHORUS: Just are the ways of God, and justifiable to men; unless there be who think not God at all, if any be, they walk obscure; for of such doctrine never was there school (294-298)

A false religion is bad, but people who have no religion at all are just the worst. Don't show Milton this poll.

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