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Samson Agonistes

Samson Agonistes


by John Milton

Samson Agonistes Resources


Milton Matters

A general, but helpful, overview of various topics in Milton that have lasting importance.

Articles and Interviews

Calling Homeland Security

If the ending of Samson made you a little uneasy, you'll be fascinated to read more about just how controversial Samson has been post-9/11.

Modern Man

A. N. Wilson, famous English historian, biographer, and author, thinks about why Samson Agonistes is the work that most makes John Milton the "father of modernity."


Woe Is Samson

Fascinated by Samson's unusual relationship to the genre of tragedy? Have a little extra time on your hands? Check out this lecture by famed Renaissance scholar Richard Helpern on exactly that question.

More on Milton

For a great general, but also super smart, introduction to John Milton's poetry, check out this series of lectures by John Rogers at Yale.


Ask the Experts

A series of lectures on podcast from various big name Milton scholars.

Get Out Your Earbuds

Audio versions of Milton's dialogue-heavy poem can be found here.


A Radical Timeline

This timeline lays out in detail the ups and downs of Milton's politics.

We'd Like To Run Our Fingers Through That Hair

Serious but serene, Milton looks just like we'd imagine.

Little Milt

A portrait of Milton as a kid. Enough said.

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