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Samson Agonistes

Samson Agonistes


by John Milton

Samson Agonistes Strength and Skill Quotes

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Quote #1

SAMSON: O glorious strength put to the labour of a Beast, debas't lower than bondslave! (36-38)

It's ironic that Samson's claim to fame is now a source of total embarrassment: like making Shakespeare write ad copy for Bratz dolls.

Quote #2

SAMSON: This high gift of strength committed to me... how easily bereft me... weakly to a woman to reveal it. (48-50)

This won't be the last time Samson thinks about the irony of how weakly he handled his gift of strength. We promise.

Quote #3

SAMSON: But what is strength without a double share of wisdom... (54-55)

We hear that! Super strength without brains just gives you this guy. (No offense to that guy.)

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