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Dragon dance your way through this Subject Test with reckless abandon, kicking and stomping to the beat of firework salvos, or power through its sixty minutes like a Luohan meditating atop Tibet. Either way, Shmoop's SAT Chinese with Listening guide has your back. This guide will improve your feng shui. We promise.

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What's Inside our Online SAT Chinese With Listening Subject Test Prep:

Test-Taking Tips

Our study guide is chock full of tips and strategies to help you defeat the exam. We'll tell you how to master the "response" part of the dreaded listening section, how to prep for the SAT's love of real-world print materials, and remind you when to use the 是 versus the 是… …的 structure.

Two Full-Length Practice Exams

Itching to conquer a mountain? Well, we've got two included: K2 and Mount Everest. We dare you to plant your flag at each of their peaks.

Practice Drills

Got a Mandarin itch you just can't seem to scratch? Throw more drills at it than you could shake a stick at. Surely one will hit the spot. There are enough drills packed in here to make an oil rig jealous.

Mount Everest is in China? Whaaaaat...

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