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Ever wanted to be more like Julius Caesar or the Pope, but avoid the political assassinations and funky hats? Don't worry; Shmoop's SAT Latin test prep is here for you. Soon you'll be making metrical puns with the best of them. And the worst of them.

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What's Inside our Online SAT Latin Subject Test Prep:

Test-Taking Tips

Learn how to parse like a pro and get your conjugations down cold. (Even the weird ones—third -io, we're looking at you.) Use Shmoop's tips designed especially for the SAT Latin exam and learn exactly where all those words you thought were English really came from. Your mind will be blown.

Two Full-Length Practice Exams

What's more fun than taking an hour-long test of multiple-choice SAT Latin questions? Taking two of them. And, possibly a barrel of monkeys. That's not really our area of expertise, though.

Practice Drills

You all remember amo, amas, amat, right? Well, the exam's a little like that, only way longer. Go through our extensive practice drills and soon your friends, Romans, and countrymen will be lending you their ears while you...recite declensions. Hopefully they won't throw things at you while you're at it.

Shmoopo, ergo sum.

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