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                              Dionysus (from Silenus)

                              September 24, 2:08AM

                                                            Who this?

You texted me.

                                                            Don't get smurf.



                                                            Where Barbershop?

Who is this? Is this a joke?

                                                            Where Baloney?

                                                            Autocorrect Mahhh!

                                                            Where Bacteria?


Please don't txt me anymore.

                                                            I raised you, boy!

Oh, Silenus. Whoa, you've got
a cell phone? What's up?

                                                            Where Bacchanal?

Seems like you're already
having a little Bacchanal all
by yourself. 

                                                            Im spirrr5it drunkenness.
                                                            What expect?

The other satyrs are worried
about you. Maron, Leneus,

                                                            The88 sprrts of drunkenness

Yeah, but you're the father of
them all.

                                                            Then they shd hve



Yeah, you're cut off.

                                 Pan (from Silenus)

                              September 24, 2:14AM

                                                            PPPPPan! We're Bacon?

Who is this?


Whoa, you've got a cell

                                                            Not tht old!

Um, yr pretty old, dude.

                                                            Where Bacchanal?

Yeah, the D man told me not
to tell you. He says yr
cut off for tonight.

                                                            Want to be a river again.

A good way to "drown" your
sorrows, right? lol :)

                                                            Hate you.

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