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The Scarlet Ibis

The Scarlet Ibis


by James Hurst

Brother Timeline and Summary

  • When Doodle is born, when Brother is six, he isn't what Brother expects or desires.
  • He wants a brother who'll be able to join him in rigorous, athletic play.
  • When Brother learns that Doodle might not have limited brain function, on top of having physical disabilities, he decides to kill him.
  • Luckily, Doodle smiles at him and Brother realizes that Doodle is an intelligent baby.
  • When Doodle learns to crawl Brother changes his name from William Armstrong to Doodle.
  • From the time Doodle is two Brother takes him everywhere.
  • When Doodle turns five, Brother decides to teach Doodle to walk.
  • Brother succeeds but feels ashamed because his reasons for teaching Doodle are selfish.
  • After that Doodle's parents decide he's ready to go to school.
  • Brother decides that Doodle needs to swim, run, row a boat, and other enormous physical feats.
  • Brother notices the physical strain Doodle is experiencing, but keeps on pushing.
  • After watching Doodle bury the scarlet ibis, Brother takes him to Horsehead Landing and forces him to overexert himself.
  • He's angry because he thinks he failed to adequately prepare Doodle for school.
  • Doodle becomes the focus of this anger, and Brother leaves him alone in the rain.
  • When his anger cools, and he turns back, he finds Doodle dead.