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The Scarlet Ibis

The Scarlet Ibis


by James Hurst

William "Doodle" Armstrong Timeline and Summary

  • When Doodle is born most people think he won't live very long.
  • Two months pass and he's still alive, so his parents name him.
  • The name they chose is William Armstrong.
  • At two-years-old Doodle learns to crawl and talk.
  • Then he starts hanging out with Brother all the time, enjoying nature.
  • When he's five Brother helps him learn to walk.
  • On his sixth birthday, he shows the family his new skill.
  • He and Brother seem to really be enjoying each other's company and they spend lots of time at Old Woman Swamp.
  • Brother has decided teach Doodle how to run, swim, and be athletic, in preparation for his upcoming entrance into school.
  • He accepts the challenge but it proves to be too much.
  • On the Saturday before school starts, he finds a scarlet ibis in a tree in the family yard.
  • The ibis dies before his eyes, and he buries.
  • After this, he and Brother go to Horsehead Landing.
  • He's tired but Brother makes him row the boat and then run in the rain.
  • Brother is mad at him and he runs away from him in the storm.
  • When Brother turns around, he finds Doodle dead, with blood streaming from his mouth.