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That the Science of Cartography Is Limited

That the Science of Cartography Is Limited


by Eavan Boland

That the Science of Cartography Is Limited: Intermediate Cartography Quiz

Think you’ve got your head wrapped around That the Science of Cartography Is Limited? Put your knowledge to the test. Good luck — the Stickman is counting on you!
Q. What is cartography?

The making of maps
The making of brunch
The study of history
The study of carts
Q. Which nation demanded that the Irish work for their food?

Q. Where do the speaker and her beloved go in the poem?

Coney Island
Q. Which arboreal symbol of mourning appears twice in the poem?

The Christmas tree
The cactus
The cypress
The lemon tree
Q. Who is the "you" in the poem?

James Joyce
The speaker's beloved
Oscar Wilde
The speaker's daughter