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That the Science of Cartography Is Limited

That the Science of Cartography Is Limited


by Eavan Boland

That the Science of Cartography Is Limited Resources


An Intro to Eavan Boland

Check out this lovely little ditty on our gal Eavan, brought to you by the Poetry Foundation.

Prof. Boland's Stanford Webpage

Maybe you can swing by her office hours?

The Irish Potato Famine

The BBC breaks it down.


An Interview with Eavan B.

Thanks for the info-tainment, PBS!

A Poetry Reading with Ms. B

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show… we know we did.

The Science of Cartography is Definitely Limited

(when Buster Bluth is the cartographer).


Eavan Reads Her Poem

And we dig her Irish lilt.


Prof. Boland

looks pretty serious… about poetry. And the Irish Potato Famine. And feminism.

Famine Roads

They head nowhere, but at least they head nowhere fast.

Articles and Interviews

An Interview with E.B.

Tons of fun facts here. We suggest you check it out.

"A Question"

Here, Boland discusses the writing of "That the Science of Cartography is Limited." Sa-weet.


In a Time of Violence

This is where "That the Science of Cartography is Limited" first appeared.

Object Lessons

Take a gander at some of Ms. Boland's thoughts on life, womanhood, and writing. We promise you won't regret it.

Black '47 and Beyond

Here, we have everything you ever wanted to know about the Irish Potato Famine. Which is a lot, right? Right?!

Movies and TV

From Famine to Freedom

A documentary on Ireland's Potato Famine—how the Irish got from there to here, as it were.

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