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Sea Rose
Sea Rose
by H.D.

Sea Rose Man and the Natural World Quotes Page 1

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Quote #1

Rose, harsh rose, (line 1)

We don't typically think of flowers as being "harsh" – unless, of course, they're Venus fly-traps. This description gives us the first inkling of another reading, one which allows the rose to stand in for a person.

Quote #2

you are caught in the drift. (line 8)

Ironically, nature (the rose) gets thrown around by… nature. It all seems so normal when we see it on Animal Planet. In this poem, however, we almost forget that the landscape in which the rose exists is as much a part of nature as the rose itself is.

Quote #3

you are flung on the sand, (line 10)

In this line, we get to experience just how passive the rose has to be, which repeats the "you are" from line 8. After all, a rose is an inanimate object, so it's strange that we'd feel sad about the rose's inability to change its fate.

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