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Sea Rose
Sea Rose
by H.D.

Sea Rose Perseverance Quotes Page 1

How we cite the quotes:
Quote #1

can the spice rose
drip such acrid fragrance
hardened in a leaf? (lines 14-16)

Even though the rose has suffered some pretty serious bruising from Mother Nature, it still manages to give off a unique and (if we believe our speaker) potent fragrance. In other words, it actually thrives on the hard stuff it's had to endure.

Quote #2

you are flung on the sand,
you are lifted
in the crisp sand
that drives in the wind. (lines 10-13)

OK, so this quote doesn't seem to suggest that the rose is actively fighting against the elements. But maybe that's part of the poet's point: sometimes perseverance isn't about action. Sometimes it's just staying alive, despite all the odds.

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