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Sea Rose

Sea Rose


by H.D.

Sea Rose Resources


Everything You Need to Know About H.D.'s Life

The Poetry Foundation usually does great work, but they out-did themselves with this one. It's the most complete biography we've ever seen on a poetry website. Believe us, everything you need will be here!

Critics Take on "Sea Rose"

The Modernist Poetry site at Illinois offers several critics' views of "Sea Rose." It's worth a read!


Besides writing groundbreaking poetry and novels and memoirs and, well, other stuff, H.D. also acted in a movie that tried to break down racial stereotypes – in the 1930s.


H.D. Reads Her Own Work
OK, not "Sea Rose." But it's pretty cool to hear her voice. It's somewhere between an American and a British accent.


Why All Those Poets Fell in Love with H.D.

She was a pretty good lookin' young modernist!

…And Another Picture

Also an interesting photo.


Collected Poems: 1912-1944

All of H.D.'s early works (written before 1945) are collected in this volume.

The Poems to Rival Pound's Cantos

H.D.'s trilogy, written under the weight of WWII, can be found here.

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