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Second Derivatives and Beyond

Second Derivatives and Beyond

Second Derivatives and Beyond: Are You Local? True or False

1. Which of the following functions has neither a global maximum or a global minimum? ->
2. A continuous function on an open interval -> cannot have a global max or a global min.
3. Which of the following statements about the function  (x) =  is correct? -> f has neither a global max nor a global min on the interval [-1,1].
4. What is the global maximum of the function on the interval [-3,3]? ->
5. Determine where the function (x) = 4x4 + 2x is smallest on the interval [-2,2]. ->
6. Which of the following could be the start of a graph of the function f(x) = xex? ->
7. Which of the following graphs could be a correct representation of all intercepts, critical points, and inflection points of the function f(x) = x2  – 3x – 4? ->
8. If ' is positive and " is negative, what shape is the function f? ->
9. The function f looks like this:

Which of the following statements is true? -> ' and " are both positive.

10. The signs of the derivatives ' and " are as follows: 


 Use this information to fill in the graph of the function :