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by Paul Fleischman

Character Clues

Character Analysis

Lots of our characters tell us about themselves from the get-go. So there's no need to wonder if Curtis wants to impress Lateesha or if Sae Young wants to make new friends. The answer: they do. But some characters, like Leona and Nora, leave us digging for clues. And that's where the other characterization tools can help us out.


In Seedfolks, actions take the cake. Some of our characters are super active in cleaning up the garden, like Leona and Virgil. But then there are others, like Florence, who says she is "just a watcher" (13.4). These different actions tell us how the characters interact with the community garden. They also remind us that all different types of actions make up a neighborhood.

Family Life

Seedfolks gives us loads of families. And each family is a little bit different. (We've got lots to say on this topic, so check out the "Family" theme and then join us back here.) Paying attention to how our characters interact with their family members can tell us a ton. Think about Gonzalo. We know he's a helpful gent because he's a seriously awesome nephew to Tío Juan. So is Gonzalo a good guy? Yep, his family life tells us that he sure is. Case closed.