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by Paul Fleischman

Seedfolks Community Quotes

How we cite our quotes: (Chapter.Paragraph)

Quote #1

"But she planted 'em way too early. She's lucky those seeds even came up."

"But they did," said Ana. "And it's up to us to save them."

It was a weekend in May and hot. You'd have thought that those beans were hers. They needed water, especially in that heat. She said the girl hadn't come in four days—sick, probably, or gone out of town. Ana had twisted her ankle and couldn't manage the stairs. She pointed to a pitcher. "Fill that up and soak them good. Quick now." (3.7-9)

Check out how Ana and Wendell work together to save Kim's plants. On the one hand, it's pretty sweet that Ana cares so much about saving those wee beans. But on the other hand, Ana is the reason they're dying, so she also feels responsible. Plus, did you notice how Ana orders Wendell around? Looks like building community isn't always an easy feat.

Quote #2

There's plenty about my life I can't change. Can't bring the dead back to life on this earth. Can't make the world loving and kind. Can't change myself into a millionaire. But a patch of ground in this trashy lot—I can change that. Can change it big. Better to put my time into that than moaning about the other all day. That little grammar-school girl showed me that. […] That Monday I brought a shovel home from work. (3.13, 15)

Kim is having a bigger impact on creating a community than she realizes. It's kind of like a ripple effect: Kim's plants make Ana and Wendell want to help her. And then this inspires Wendell to plant his own seeds in the lot. Keep an eye out to see if Wendell keeps the ripples going and influences someone else.

Quote #3

I start up conversations in lines and on the bus and with cashiers. People see I'm friendly, no matter what they've heard about whites or Jews. If I'm lucky, I get 'em talking to each other. Sewing up the rips in the neighborhood. (6.2)

All Sam wants is for everyone to get along. In his dream world, we'd all be friends. We have to admit, that does sound pretty great. What do you think of how Sam says that getting different people to talk to each other is like "Sewing up the rips"? Do you think Sam is optimistic that the community can be healed?

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