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by Paul Fleischman

Seedfolks Resources


Nice to Meet You Mr. Fleischman

Check out Paul Fleischman's website and get caught up on the author's latest writings. Hint: he's written a lot.

Take a Sneak Peek

Haven't picked up your own copy of Seedfolks yet? Well take a look at the first story here. We guarantee it'll get you wanting more.

Real, Live Gardens

Fleischman wasn't making it up: community gardening is actually a pretty big deal in Cleveland.

Articles and Interviews

Paul Fleischman Was a Kid Once, Too

Take a look at this interview with Fleischman, and learn all about his young days as a budding writer.


Dig Into the Details with Fleischman

Watch this interview with Paul Fleischman, and he'll tell you everything you want to know, from the book's origins to his father's cornfield in the front yard (true story!).


Chatting It Up with Fleischman

NPR does Seedfolks. Here, you'll hear Fleischman talk about how the book relates to his life. You'd never guess it, but apparently the guy's not a great gardener. Who knew?


A Picture's Worth a Thousand Seeds

Pretty snazzy cover, eh? Does your favorite storyteller from the book have his or her portrait featured right up front?

In Action

Is this how you pictured it?

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