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by Paul Fleischman

 Table of Contents

Seedfolks Themes

Seedfolks Themes

Man and the Natural World

There's no denying it: the Gibb Street garden is a special place. It has tons to offer each of its gardeners who want to have a positive impact on nature. The garden is a space where newbie planter...


Community can be pretty hard to come by. And for the characters in Seedfolks, there are plenty of things that can get in the way. Some people are afraid to meet new folks. Others believe the ridicu...


Unless you're totally post-racial (in which case, congratulations!), you probably noticed that all the people in Seedfolks come from different racial backgrounds. But the Gibb Street lot brings the...

Memory and the Past

We've got a theory: the Gibb Street garden in Seedfolks is sort of like a time machine. Seriously, all you have to do is shovel some dirt or plant some seeds in the ground, and you might find yours...


With thirteen main characters, you can bet we're going to encounter plenty of families in Seedfolks. And that's just what we get. Many of our leading ladies and gents move to Cleveland as a family,...


When it comes to gardening, time is definitely of the essence. And in Seedfolks, not paying attention to time can be really disastrous. We're talking dead plants here, Shmoopers. For many seeds, pl...

Language and Communication

Step into the community garden on Gibb Street, and you'll hear all sorts of different languages. Why? Because people from all different countries move to Cleveland and start gardens in the lot on G...


You might figure that a book about a community garden would have more to say about life then death. But here's deal: plants die. And so do people. Sorry to break it to you, Shmoopers, but Seedfolks...

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