Sense and Sensibility
Sense and Sensibility
by Jane Austen
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Character Role Analysis

Edward Ferrars

Edward Ferrars isn't exactly the typical "Romantic Interest" type the way that Willoughby is; he's not extremely handsome or clever, and he's also not a poetic, swoony, romantic dude. Nope, Edward is down to earth and simply and all-around good guy. Rather than being an unattainable, too-perfect figure of romance, he's the kind of guy that every girl should actually end up with – solid, good-hearted, and genuine. He's a lifelong companion, and from the very first moment we see them together, we understand that this is the nature of Elinor and Edward's relationship. Unlike Marianne and Willoughby, who love each other with immoderate, unsustainable passion, Elinor and Edward love with a kind of friendly, understanding, slow-burning sense of companionship.

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