Sense and Sensibility
Sense and Sensibility
by Jane Austen
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Sir John Middleton

Character Analysis

Cyndi Lauper memorably noted that "Girls just wanna have fun." Well, that may be true, but Sense and Sensibility actually leads us to believe quite the contrary – most of the girls we're concerned with are actually quite pensive. Sir John, however, does just wanna have fun. He's all about parties, and he constantly invites tons of people over to chill at his immense house, Barton Park, even when his uptight wife doesn't want him to. He's not the most fashionable guy, nor is he exactly a huge social success. However, people generally seem to like him – because how could they not? He's a hard partier with a heart of gold. He's also fiercely loyal to his friends and family, though he might be a little too sympathetic, if anything – after all, he seems to forgive Willoughby (and offer him a puppy to make him feel better) once he sees how upset the younger man is by Marianne's illness.

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