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Sentimental Education

Sentimental Education


by Gustave Flaubert

Sentimental Education Art and Culture Quotes

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Quote #1

L'Art Industriel was a hybrid establishment, wherein the functions of an art-journal and a picture-shop were combined. (1.1.17)

Monsieur Arnoux's work in the art field is what gets Frederick interested in painting to begin with. At L'Art Industriel, he's able to network—and eventually become friends—with all sorts of random artists and intellectuals. Does it rub off on him? Or does he never really become one of them?

Quote #2

He plumed himself on his knowledge of the language, and analysed the most beautiful phrases with that snarling severity, that academic taste which persons of playful disposition exhibit when they are discussing serious art. (1.4.83)

So this is Hussonet, philosophical man of the hour. Frederick does not find it interesting, but maybe you will. We hope.

Quote #3

When he arrived early, he surprised the artist in his wretched folding-bed, which was hidden from view by a strip of tapestry; for Pellerin went to bed late, being an assiduous frequenter of the theatres. (1.4.132)

Pellerin is the only painter we really get to know. But his work is, well, a little mediocre (which is why we're happy photography was invented). Is Flaubert making a commentary on all artists through the character of Pellerin?

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