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Sentimental Education

Sentimental Education


by Gustave Flaubert

 Table of Contents

Sentimental Education Characters

Meet the Cast

Frederick Moreau

Frederick Moreau may be our hero, but don't expect him to do anything heroic. Actually, don't even expect him to do anything you'd agree with. We will say this, though: his obsession with Madame Ar...

Madame Marie Arnoux

Ah, That Male GazeTalk about a fantasy woman. To Frederick, at least. And in fact, Flaubert based Madame Arnoux on an older woman he was in love with—a lady named Elisa Schlésinger. And you gues...

Monsieur Jacques Arnoux

This guys is the most unsuccessful Jack of all trades on the planet.He starts off as an influential art dealer, then becomes a pottery manufacturer, and finally gets into the business of selling re...

Charles Deslauriers

Friendship is really put to the test in Sentimental Education, and boy is that the case with Deslauriers and Frederick. The two boys met as kids in Nogent-sur-Seine, and though their lives and upbr...

Mademoiselle Rose-Annette Bron (Rosanette)

First things first. Courtesan is basically a fancy word for a fancy prostitute. There's more to it than that, and the history of courtesans is long and complicated, but all your need to know about...

Monsieur and Madame Dambreuse

Monsieur Dambreuse is all about the Benjamins. And the power that comes with 'em. Without fail, he'll get behind any regime that supports his wealth and business—no matter the politics.He and his...


This guy might be a minorish character, but he plays a hugely significant role in Sentimental Education, so keep your eye on him. Here's what we know about him: he's a math teacher, a sort-of frien...

Minor Characters

Monsieur Roque The Roque family has no shortage of dough. Monsieur lives in Nogent-sur-Seine, but he's well-connected in Paris and works for Monsieur Dambreuse. Back in the day, Monsieur Roque caus...
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