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Sentimental Education

Sentimental Education


by Gustave Flaubert

Sentimental Education Quotes

Find the perfect quote to float your boat. Shmoop breaks down key quotations from Sentimental Education.

Society and Class Quotes

"The person who presents himself there before you is Dr. Des Rogis, who, full of rage at not having made a name for himself, has written a book of medical pornography, and willingly blacks people's...

Wealth Quotes

While Arnoux was searching his pockets for money, Frederick stretched out towards the cap his closed hand, and then, opening it in a shamefaced manner, he deposited in it a louis d'or. (1.1.37)

Sex Quotes

Never before had he seen more lustrous dark skin, a more seductive figure, or more delicately shaped fingers than those through which the sunlight gleamed. (1.1.23)

Morality and Ethics Quotes

They chatted over all these matters at recreation hours, in the playground, in front of the moral inscription painted under the clock. (1.2.6)

Women and Femininity Quotes

The lady's ample robes filled up the space within. He stole away from this little padded box with its perfume of iris, and, so to speak, its vague odour of feminine elegance. (1.3.16)

Visions of France Quotes

Through the haze he surveyed steeples, buildings of which he did not know the names; then, with a parting glance, he took in the Île St. Louis, the Cité, Nôtre Dame; and presently, as Paris disa...

Politics Quotes

So the days slipped by with the same tiresome experiences, and enslavement to contracted habits. He turned over the pages of pamphlets under the arcades of the Odéon, went to read the Revue des De...

Art and Culture Quotes

L'Art Industriel was a hybrid establishment, wherein the functions of an art-journal and a picture-shop were combined. (1.1.17)

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